FBA Reimbursement Recovery Expert


Amazon owes 99% of sellers money and you may not even be aware. This means you can recover FBA reimbursements for lost or damaged items, and lost inbound shipment. Amazon processes hundreds of thousands of items, packages and shipments daily. So the slightest errors in their execution are magnified, resulting in damaged and loss of inventory at the warehouse, inbound goods damaged in transit, incomplete reimbursement and failure to replace returned items back into inventory.

Seller Investigators will monitor your Amazon FBA Account and automatically file for claims on your behalf. Seller Investigators offer a solution that analyzes irregularities and errors in your inventory and transaction history to determine how much money Amazon owes you. There is no cost to sign up, no monthly fees or other cumbersome arrangements. We charge a 25% recovery fee after recovered funds have deposited to your account.

Stop Losing Your Hard Earned Money to Amazon

Now you can leverage Seller Investigators’ Intelligent refund engine solution for success:

  • We have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews our client’s accounts
  • All funds that are owed are retrieved – automatically
  • Once owed, reimbursements are identified and claimed
  • Claim requests are submitted and managed on a weekly basis
  • YOU receive bi-weekly reimbursements from Amazon credited and deposited into your account – without having to do a thing!

Sign Up Now & Boost Your Cash Flow

“One thing that sellers forget is as you grow and sell more, there are more transactions and more ways that you can lose money in various inventory damages, missed shipments, and the list goes on. I started using Seller Investigators to review my account and manage all the different reimbursements I could be getting. Was super impressed with their service and how hands off it was not to mention the reimbursements they were able to find me, especially at the start finding really old stuff I missed. Just one less thing I need to worry about each week so I can focus my time on other parts of the business.”

— Rob Cosman, CPA, CA


The Benefits

We have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews our clients’ accounts.

Our proprietary system executes all aspects of the reimbursement process, within Amazon Terms of Service, from identifying, filing, and managing potential cases all the way until recovered funds are deposited to your account.

This allows you to focus on scaling your business.

No risk or commitment. There’s no sign-up fee or fixed monthly charges. We simply charge a 25% recovery fee after the money is deposited to your account.

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