How It Works

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up and enter your Amazon credentials at:

Step 2

Link Your Accounts

Seller Investigators imports all your FBA transactions from amazon, spanning from the day you opened your Amazon account until today.

Step 3

We Review Your FBA Account

Seller Investigators reviews all of your products, orders, returns, and shipments that may be eligible for a reimbursement. We will comb through every item in your inventory.

Step 4

We Submit Needed Cases

Your account auditor will review the case manually and submit the case to Amazon on your behalf.

Step 5

We Compile Case Reports

Seller Investigators compiles a report of all the cases and amounts recovered (per case) allowing you to track the money we recovered for your account.

Step 6

You Get Paid!!

Congrats! You’ll receive the money back into your FBA accounts.


The Benefits

We have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews our client’s accounts

All funds that are owed are retrieved -

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