Amazon Owes You Money. We’ll Help You Get It Back.

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Why does amazon owe 99% of sellers money?

Lost and Damaged Units

  • Damaged inventory at the warehouse
  • Destroyed item without permission
  • Lost inventory at the warehouse
  • Carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit

Refunds and Mishandled Returns

  • Refund issued, but customer never returned item
  • Failure to reimburse a return

Lost Inbound Shipment

  • Reimbursed you for less quantity
  • Reimbursement smaller then the item value
  • Issued a chargeback but didn’t reimburse you
  • Failure to replace items back into inventory

We are Amazon sellers like you who want fast, speedy action on our FBA reimbursement claims.

We are Amazon sellers like you who want fast, speedy action on our FBA reimbursement claims.

Why choose us?

Easy, Quick and Complete

We summarize all details with a simple dashboard, quick reimbursement claim fields, and complete details on payment status.


There is no monthly fee or signup fee. We charge a 25% commission fee after funds deposited to your account.

We Execute the Process

Our Case Manager will execute all aspects of the reimbursement process so you don’t have to. Just wait for your money.

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What our clients say

Jonas & Cosman

One thing that sellers forget is as you grow and sell more, there are more transactions and more ways that you can lose money in various inventory damages, missed shipments, and the list goes on. I started using Seller Investigators to review my account and manage all the different reimbursements I could be getting. Was super impressed with their service and how hands off it was not to mention the reimbursements they were able to find me, especially at the start finding really old stuff I missed. Just one less thing I need to worry about each week so I can focus my time on other parts of the business.


Since bringing on Seller Investigators they have achieved refunds in excess of 25,000 USD. I really wish we knew about their service sooner. It was so hard to manage the reimbursements I knew I was owed not to mention the majority of them that I did not even know I deserved.

Lets me focus on sourcing and marketing! Cathy, Amazon Platform Manager www.Verseo.com

Amount Recovered: $25 0000


The Benefits

We have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews our client’s accounts

All funds that are owed are retrieved -

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