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More Money in Less Time

We investigate, file, and manage your FBA reimbursement cases efficiently and immediately. And we get you the biggest returns. Get a free, no-obligation audit in just 48 hours, and only pay a 25% commission fee when your money is back with you – where it belongs.

  • 48-Hour Audit
  • Direct Refund Deposit
  • No Fee Until You Get Paid
  • We Find Money Others Don’t
The Industry’s Most Transparent Dashboard

Our dashboard offers FBA sellers the most trusted view of Amazon’s reimbursement process. The Proprietary Refund Search Engine we’ve developed tracks and monitors every claim, and finds every last dollar – including the money other providers miss.

  • Amazon TOS Compliant
  • Itemized Case Logs
  • Hyperlinked Cases for Searchability
  • 100% Traceable Refunds
Maximum Clarity & Confidence

Whether you want accurate alerts for weight and dimension changes, or need an automatic packing list generator to make invoice reporting painless, the Seller Investigators toolkit offers comprehensive support and best-in-class service to sellers, absolutely free of charge.

  • Cost-Free Tools
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Automated Alerts
  • Pain-free invoice reporting
Ongoing Expert Support

Our team of advisors are recognized by Amazon as authorities in FBA reimbursements. You can trust your personal case manager to execute every aspect of your refund process, from filing claims to handling appeals, which means finding and returning your money to you faster.

  • Dedicated Case Managers
  • International Support (US, UK, EU, APAC)
  • Customizable Audits
  • Personalized Claim Reviews
How Seller Investigators Works
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Seller Investigators compiles a report that allows you to see and track the amount of money we recover for each case.

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It’s that easy. You’ll receive your Amazon refund directly in your FBA accounts.

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And remember, if you decide to sign up with us, we take a 25% commission only after you’ve been paid.

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Steven Pope

Founder, My Amazon Guy

Gina and Seller Investigators helped me create a nearly passive income source in a new channel that genuinely helps my clients. The dashboard is top notch, and the tool works so well that I don’t have to check on it.

Agne Gaidyte

Partner Development Manager, Channel Key

Seller Investigators is a key partner that brings real value to our clients’ daily business. We’ve been nurturing our relationship for over a year now and can truly say that the journey to this point has been a pleasant one. Seller Investigators has a great work ethic with excellent communication manner – extremely reliable with the enabler’s attitude.

John Collins

Founder, Chargeguard

Since building our partnership with Seller Investigators, they have been instrumental in the expansion of the value provided to our clients. We’ve found one of their greatest strengths to be in relationship building, which has assisted us in partnering with well established brands, agencies and consultants. They are responsive, attentive, personable and truly embody what it means to be a great partner.

Mike Zagare

Founder, PPC Entourage

Seller Investigators has been an incredible partner for the Entourage brand. They’ve given us the power and resources to find and recover thousands of dollars for our customers. Their team is efficient and organized, and their services are legitimately high-value for us and for our clients. A partnership with Seller Investigators is a no-brainer, and profitable for everyone involved.

Seller Investigators finds up to 10% more in refunds than competitors. Sign up now to audit your auditor for free.