About Us

Built in 2017, Seller Investigators is a best-in-class Amazon reimbursement service that refunds every lost dollar back to FBA sellers, in less time and with more transparency than anyone else in the industry. But we’re also more than that.

As our co-founder Lee Loree likes to say, “We want to do right by everybody in the room.” That customer-focused, people-driven approach runs through everything we do at Seller Investigators, whether it’s our commitment to communication or the clarity our tools provide. It also drives the people behind our brand. Our global network of 300+ case managers and advisors started growing after a family trip Rob Ferreira took to his wife’s native Philippines. And it hasn’t stopped since.

With 3 offices in the United States serving the US, UK, EU, Asia, and the Middle East, Seller Investigators has become a worldwide authority in the Amazon space. We were proud to join Carbon6 in 2022 as its flagship reimbursements service.

“We want to do right by everybody in the room.”

Lee Loree, Co-Founder of Seller Investigators

Our Founders

Lee Loree

Lee is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in a wie and sweeping variety of business markets, ranging from textiles to technology. His last venture was in the wearable tech space, where he garnered a significant and lasting presence on Amazon. Since then, he has focused on helping other sellers succeed. Lee lives in Atlanta with his wife and 16 year old son.

Robert Ferreira

Robert established his legacy by ensuring his customer’s success always comes before his own. An entrepreneur since 1998, he created his first e-commerce business in 2001, and was an early adopter of the Amazon platform for bringing products to market. Robert splits time between Asia and New York, and is happiest when his wife and 4 kids are all together.

Ritchie Diputado

Ritchie has been in the IT Industry for almost 20 years. During that time, he has worked as a developer, designer, and architect for numerous companies. Five years ago, he left the corporate world to strike out as an entrepreneur. Now, he enjoys building technology that makes lives easier. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, listening to music, and traveling.

Carbon6 simplifies the success of marketplace entrepreneurs with a connected ecosystem of tools and expertise. Developed by the brightest minds in the Amazon seller marketplace, Carbon6 helps businesses streamline everyday operations and maximize profit to turn opportunity into freedom. We are proud to partner with Seller Investigators, the preeminent FBA reimbursement service on the market.