Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Seller Investigators support center, where we answer your questions about our FBA reimbursement processes. If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.
Why should I use Seller Investigators?

Seller Investigators makes filing FBA reimbursement cases easy and stress-free. Our team streamlines the process and makes Amazon refunds quick and easy.

  • No risk or upfront commitment, with a 25% recovery fee only after Amazon deposits recovered funds into your account.
  • Seller Investigators undergoes regular Amazon audits to ensure our customers’ data is safe.
  • Seller Investigators reviews all of your products, orders, and shipments to find eligible Amazon reimbursements. We comb through every item in your inventory to ensure you don’t miss any money Amazon owes you.
  • Transparent reporting makes it easy for you to track the money we have recovered for your account. Start your free audit here.
What makes Seller Investigators different?

As part of the Carbon6 Amazon tool suite, Seller Investigators has access to better resources, expertise, and security. That means you get your money back into your Seller Central account faster and safer than our competitors. We focus on helping Amazon Pro Sellers file every reimbursement case – even the ones other services miss – and we are regularly audited by Amazon to ensure safety and security for every customer.

Is Seller Investigators Amazon TOS compliant?

Yes, our FBA reimbursement process and tools fully comply with Amazon’s terms of service.

What information will I need to start?

You need to have a Seller Central account to use Seller Investigators. Once you have set up your account, authorize us with your Amazon SP-API credentials to import all of your storefront data, then add a Seller Investigator case manager as a user.

What steps do I need to take to use Seller Investigators?
  • First, register your account here for a free audit and enter your Amazon credentials.
  • Link your accounts through the 100% free account registration process.
  • Seller Investigators will review every item in your inventory to find eligible reimbursement cases.
  • We will file all verified cases with Amazon within its terms of service and manage them on your behalf.
  • Seller Investigators will compile a report of all the cases and amounts recovered, allowing you to track the money recovered for your account.
  • You will receive the money back into your FBA account.

There is no sign-up fee or fixed charges for using Seller Investigators. We only charge a 25% recovery fee after Amazon deposits the money into your account.

Why do I need to connect to my store?

You need to connect to your store so Seller Investigators can access your account data and generate reports to identify potential reimbursement cases.

Is my account data secure?

Yes, your Amazon account and data are 100% safe. We access your information through Amazon’s secure API, and store it within AWS (Amazon’s cloud servers). This ensures your data is secure and never leaves the Amazon ecosystem, which then allows us to generate reports and look for reimbursements so we can make claims to Amazon and get your money back. Seller Investigators complies with all of Amazon’s Security protocols, including a yearly audit by Amazon, to ensure your account data is safe.

Has Amazon audited Seller Investigators?

Yes, Seller Investigators has a yearly audit by Amazon to ensure your account and data are safe. As industry leaders in the Amazon FBA space, our priority is trust and security for our customers.

How does Seller Investigators deal with Clawbacks (Reimbursement Reversals)?

A Clawback is when Amazon takes back money refunded to sellers as a reimbursement. When Amazon reverses a reimbursement, Seller Investigators will reverse the fee on the next invoice.

How long does the entire process take?

The registration process of getting your free Amazon audit takes 8 minutes. The initial audit of your Amazon account is completed within 3 business days. Once you complete your account setup process, case filings can begin within 48hrs. You will see reimbursements back to your Seller Central account within 3-5 days after filing a case with Amazon.

When will my refunded money appear in my bank account?

You will see money in your bank account based on your disbursement schedule with Amazon. Generally, these deposits are made every two weeks.

What is the Seller Investigators fee, and how is it calculated?

We charge a 25% recovery fee on all successful Amazon refunds, including inventory reimbursements. To value a unit of inventory, we use the per-unit value amount assigned by Amazon.

How do I pay?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. Our integration with Stripe securely encrypts all of your payment information. We will send you an invoice on the 1st and 15th of each month and after 1 day, we’ll charge your debit or credit card.

How do I track my FBA reimbursements?

The Transaction View in your Payments Report shows when and how much you will be paid. Other Transactions show all FBA Inventory Reimbursements.

What reimbursement cases do you cover?
Seller Investigators looks for items that fit any of the following criteria for reimbursement:

  • Items that are lost or damaged more than 30 days ago in the past 18 months.
  • Inbound shipments with missing items.
  • Amazon-miscounted inbound items from inbound shipments in the past 9 months.
  • Items deducted from stock after shipment closes.
  • Inventory damaged but not reimbursed yet.
How does the Amazon reimbursement service work?

After you sign up, Seller Investigators will import your storefront data through Amazon’s SP-API, which takes 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size of your data. After importing and processing your data, we’ll start to report cases to Amazon Support on your behalf.

Do you automate Amazon refund claim submissions?

No. In accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, we do not automate any claim submissions. Your recovery specialist reviews each potential claim and manually submits quality claims with accurate data.

What do I do with my current provider when I switch?

Let them know you are ending your service by emailing their customer support team, or by going into your account settings and canceling through your account page.

Can I cancel my Seller Investigators service at any time, and how?

Yes, there are no long-term contacts. Just notify us by sending an email to casemanager@sellerinvestigators.com

What happens to my data when I cancel?

After filing the service cancellation, we’ll halt the reimbursement service and delete your account data.

Which regions do you service?

Recovery services are available in North America, Europe, India, Australia, and UAE.