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One thing that sellers forget is as you grow and sell more, there are more transactions and more ways that you can lose money in various inventory damages, missed shipments, and the list goes on. I started using Seller Investigators to review my account and manage all the different reimbursements I could be getting. Was super impressed with their service and how hands off it was not to mention the reimbursements they were able to find me, especially at the start finding really old stuff I missed. Just one less thing I need to worry about each week so I can focus my time on other parts of the business.
Rob Cosman, CPA, CA
Jonas & Cosman

Seller Investigators came highly recommended to me by a Beauty and Skincare Forum. I previously had issue with late reimbursements and unpaid refunds which have become increasingly cumbersome to deal with as Amazon just tends to let complaints drag on and on without resolution. I was losing money fast.

So when Amazon once again started to pull the same tricks on me, I ran straight to Seller Investigators for help. My hopes had been low. Even though everyone was saying good things about Seller Investigators, I had little experience in that sort of thing. Will I get my money back? I was worried. But hey, in just a couple of weeks I received a call from Seller Investigators telling me they’ve been successful in collecting my money.  

With that money I was able to keep my business growing. You guys at Seller Investigators are such life savers. Thank you so much!

Amount Recovered: $5900.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $17000.00
Beauty and Care Company 1

I heard about Seller Investigators from other business contacts. So when an entire shipment of our new line of inventory got lost or misplaced in one or two of Amazon’s warehouses, we demanded for an immediate reimbursement so we can quickly restock our inventory and fulfill orders.  

Well, we jumped through hoops and loops in the hopes of getting paid at least partially, but Amazon took no action. So we contacted Seller Investigators, and within a month we received the full payment of the reimbursement.

We know that we would never have received any payment if we had not worked with Seller Investigators as Amazon was clearly ignoring our requests. The Seller Investigators Team explained the process to us and what additional steps they had to take to make sure we would get paid fully.

We couldn’t thank Seller Investigators enough for everything they’ve done in helping us recover our money.

Amount Recovered: $1,200.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $2400.00
Compression Socks and Sleeves Company

Since bringing on Seller Investigators they have achieved refunds in excess of 25,000 USD.  I really wish we knew about their service sooner.  It was so hard to manage the reimbursements I knew I was owed not to mention the majority of them that I did not even know I deserved.  Lets me focus on sourcing and marketing!   Cathy, Amazon Platform Manager www.Verseo.com


We are so happy with the results. Through Seller Investigators’s professional services, we were able to receive the full amount of the refund owed to us by Amazon. For months we tried to collect the amount ourselves to no avail. We were about to give up and would have been happy to receive even half the money owed to us.

Fortunately, we discovered Seller Investigators through word-of-mouth referral. We wasted no time in contacting the company to which they responded promptly and professionally. They listened to our problem and explained the collection process clearly.

Amount Recovered: $6000.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $12000.00
Beauty and Care Company 2

I just want to thank the Seller Investigators Team for their work in helping us collect our FBA reimbursement. The team’s superb work in helping resolve this issue in a timely and reasonable fashion is beyond compare. Their professionalism and constant updates, kept us in the know at all times. I am certain that without Seller Investigators I would never have seen a penny of the money Amazon withheld from us.

I strongly recommend Seller Investigators to anyone who has difficulty with claiming or collecting their refund from Amazon.

Amount Recovered: $1,200.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $10000.00
Musical Instrument Accessories Company

Our experience with Seller Investigators has been outstanding. I highly recommend their service to anyone desiring a fast, cost effective process of claiming FBA reimbursements from Amazon. The process delivered by the Seller Investigators team surpassed our expectations. Their incredible knowledge and attention to detail enabled full recovery of the money owed to us by Amazon.

Seller Investigators understood my predicament from just a few minutes discussion and managed my application promptly with the utmost professionalism, communicating with me constantly throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Amount Recovered: $4200.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $27000.00
Beauty and Care Company 3

Thank you so much Seller Investigators Team for all your help in recovering our reimbursements from Amazon. Your professionalism, support and patience were overwhelming.

We wouldn’t have stood the chance of getting paid the full amount of the refund had it not been for the efforts of Seller Investigators. I would highly recommend Seller Investigators to any Amazon seller who is struggling to get reimbursed for lost and damaged inventory.

Amount Recovered: $2,500.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $41500.00
Electronics Company 2

We have been using Seller Investigators for about a year now. We see them as partner for growth, and as an extension of our revenue collection process. That is because Seller Investigators always gets results.

In fact, over the last 6 months, they have occupied a significant place in the continued growth of our business, providing transparency and professionalism at each step of the Amazon reimbursement collection process. Most importantly, Seller Investigators always protects our financial and confidentiality interests.

Amount Recovered: $12000.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $24000.00
Clothing Company

As a small business owner I was always worried about not being reimbursed by Amazon for lost, misplaced or damaged products. Fulfillment by Amazon is a wonderful program in theory. Unfortunately, all our efforts in collecting our refund for 5 months were completely ignored by Amazon.

We were about to give up, but then we heard about Seller Investigators and thought, “What have we got to lose?” So we gave it a shot.

At first I was apprehensive, but Seller Investigators was so prompt in replying and explaining everything that needed to be done. Within two weeks Seller Investigators had collected the reimbursement that I desperately tried to accomplish for months without success. We highly recommend Seller Investigators to anyone who needs this kind of service.

Amount Recovered: $1500.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $7000.00
Gardening Equipment Company

We were struggling to obtain reimbursements for damaged inventory from Amazon. We used Seller Investigators to assist with this issue. We are very pleased with the service they provided and their high level of professionalism.Seller Investigators recovered the money owed to us by Amazon in a very short time. I would not hesitate to use them in the future should such a situation arise again.

Amount Recovered: $5400.00
Average Sales every 15 days (Jan 2018 – Sept 2018): $153000.00
Electronics Company 1


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We have developed a proprietary refund search engine that reviews our client’s accounts

All potential cases that are found by our search engine are manually checked and filed by our case manager.

Our case manager handles everything from filing and replying to cases. So all you need to focus is growing your business.

No fixed monthly charges. We only charge 25% from what we successfully recover.

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