Seller Investigators: The Right Way to Get Reimbursed Faster

June 20, 2019

Do you need help getting your money back from Amazon? If you don’t know where to go, Seller Investigators can help. Seller Investigators’ reimbursement solution allows you to effectively handle payment delays and fast track your Amazon reimbursements.

Speedy FBA Refunds at Your Fingertips

Amazon owes 99% of sellers money. This means you can recover FBA reimbursements for lost or damaged items, refunds and mishandled returns, and lost inbound shipment.

Amazon processes hundreds of thousands of items, packages and shipments daily. So the slightest errors in their execution are magnified, resulting in damaged and loss of inventory at the warehouse, inbound goods damaged in transit, refund issued but customer never returned them, failure to reimburse a return, incomplete reimbursement and failure to replace returned items back into inventory.

This is where Seller Investigators comes in.

Seller Investigators takes care of reviewing client accounts, automatically retrieving all the funds that are owed by Amazon and filing for reimbursement claims on your behalf. This solution analyzes irregularities and errors in your inventory and transaction history to determine how much money Amazon owes you.

Remove the guesswork from your strategy

Non-reimbursed, damaged or lost items are serious setbacks that can cause a heavy drain on your cash flow and profit.

By partnering with Seller Investigators you remove the guesswork out of the process, placing at your fingertips expert solution for recovering FBA reimbursements for lost or damaged items, refunds and mishandled returns, and lost inbound shipment.

This leaves time for you to tend to other tasks while the team does all the legwork for you.

FBAi monitors your inventory history

To ensure a successful outcome in your reimbursement claim, you need to monitor your stock, transactions, damaged goods, lost items, and the amount of Amazon reimbursement you are entitled to recover.

However, doing all this by yourself (without expert assistance or with the aid of a sophisticated API) is tedious, time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Seller Investigators has a team of dedicated experts ready to do these things for you in an efficient and effective manner.

Seller investigators knows which errors to track

Not every solution out there is able to track the crucial variables that influence the outcome of FBA reimbursements. Seller Investigators closely monitors fulfillment problems such as damaged items that have not been reimbursed, lost items in FBA warehouses and items that were never returned after customers received a refund.

Seller Investigators always follows up with your case

Nearly 70% of cases with Amazon are left pending with no explanation why. Failing to follow up is a sure way to not getting your money back. It may even be necessary for you to reopen the case several times before Amazon decides to look into it.

Given your busy schedule, you may not have the time to monitor the progress of your reimbursement case.

Fortunately, Seller Investigators can take care of these things for you, so you can focus on running and growing your business. Seller Investigators does all the leg work for you to ensure your case is not left unresolved.

Intelligent API solution

Seller Investigators has developed a proprietary API that reviews clients’ accounts. The API is programmed to automatically retrieve all funds that are owed, crucial for identifying and claiming reimbursements. The Seller Investigators team submits and manages claim requests on a weekly basis. YOU receive bi-weekly reimbursements from Amazon credited and deposited into your account – without having to do a thing!

Quick and easy signup

There is no cost to sign up, no monthly fees or other cumbersome arrangements. We charge a 25% commission fee after funds have been deposited to your account.

By partnering with Seller Investigators, you’ve taken away the massive hassle of going through all of the reports and hoops needed for you to file a reimbursement case to Amazon.

Easy to get started

You must be an Amazon Pro Seller in order to use Seller Investigators. Seller Investigators will need you to authorize them with Amazon MWS API credentials to import all of your store front data and add the case manager as a SellerCentral User.


The Seller Investigators model is simple. If YOU are successful, we are successful. Other companies will bill you for simply generating a report detailing your reimbursements, then leave it up to you to deal with Amazon’s cumbersome refund process.

Seller Investigators is your partner in every step of finding and managing your reimbursements.

Seller Investigators has partnered with Stripe. As an Amazon Exclusive Program member, you can maximize your revenue generation and optimize your payment flow using the leading Stripe payment processing solution.

With the Seller Investigators-Stripe partnership at your fingertips, you’re just a step away from getting your hard earned money back.