Protecting your credentials while investigating your reimbursments

August 13, 2020

Congratulations – you’re an Amazon Pro Seller with an expanding business. You’re working hard, but now you may be finding it challenging enough to keep up with your business growth and order fulfilment. How about your reimbursements? How do you know if they’re up to date and all your money is back in your account?

This is where Seller Investigators comes in. We’re specialists in tracking reimbursement data and assisting you to get your money back. We do this by using proprietary software to look at your sales log, conducting automated sifting and manual cross-checking to find any problems that have occurred but that you have not been compensated for.

When you register with us, you’ll notice that we ask you for your Amazon login credentials to access the FBA sales transactions. Amazon’s seller platform allows sellers to manage third party access, which means you control who can see your Seller Central account from the Account Manager section of Seller Central. Amazon’s platform is specifically developed to protect you by allowing you to control MWS permissions through Seller Central – you control which third parties you let in, and you can revoke that permission any time.

When you permit us to access your account, it allows our Refunds Manager to import the entire sales log. This data is put through our proprietary Amazon Reimbursement process. We use Amazon’s infrastructure (AWS) advanced encryption to store your information safely. Our professional guarantee to you is that we access your sales log only for the purposes of scanning transactions for reimbursement purposes, as outlined in our Terms of Service.

You absolutely can audit your sales log yourself and manually verify that all your transactions are correctly fulfilled. But the benefit of using a third party reimbursement service like Seller Investigators is that we are specialists using proprietary processes to examine your data, and your Case Manager will do the laborious work of engaging with Amazon on your behalf.

“When I first decided to work with Seller Investigators, I was naturally a bit concerned about sharing my credentials,” says Cathy of verseo.com. “But Seller Investigators reassured me that they have the highest professional standards when it comes to maintaining the integrity of my credentials, and as a result I have received $23,000 in reimbursements going back 18 months!”